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Video Editing, Videography and Photography

MWD Video Editing

At Modleski Web Design, LLC, our lead developer, Keaton Modleski, has been editing videos for over 5 years and has expertise in using both iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Keaton has edited well over 50 videos for classes as well as for events. For any event big or small, Modleski Web Design, LLC can take care of your need for video editing.

MWD Photography and Videography

Keaton Modleski has also had 2 years of photography and videography experience and is very familiar with Adobe Photoshop and other photo editing software. For any event, if you need a photographer or videographer, Modleski Web Design can handle all of your video or photography needs.

Turks and Caicos Spring 2019
Turks and Caicos Spring 2019
Central Indiana Summer 2019
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